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Reworking, rethinking, restructuring. Turning the project's webpage into (almost) single page type of thing. Revisiting the timeline. Remembering the last event, which was a rerun of a web stream in a physical space, as a 'classical' AV expanded cinema performance. Prepared a lot of new material, but most of it very abstract, - still. My inability to not-delay and then panic. Transgression, transformation. This last version still needs to be captured, recorded, archived. The original trans.fail broadcast included many superCollider snippets that I latter used for ark/d,amorphic album release. So it felt in some way natural to go back to code for the album and work on the visual side from there. This version was then performed on 210707 at V-F-X festival at Slovenian Cinematique.

I want to not do this derivative here, for the trans.fail/desktop version. I want to gather a lot of textual, concrete, but also poetic, glitched, distorted, faded, material. Work on the 'computer desktop' metaphor and use it within an electronic moving image.