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Tonight, a rerun of trans.fail/xenotopic.network at 54th (!) birthday of Ljubljana's Radio Študent in the context of project RADART #14: SONOR(N)OST at amazing Cirkulacija2.

What happens when we are in madness together? I'm crazy, you're crazy. We are all crazy together. From individual madness flows a sound that you hear and I hear. So we are co-mad? Co-crazy? We are co-mad and we are sounding at the same time. We hear the same thing, but we don't sound at the same time. If in sonority we are looking for the consonance of the voice and the collectivity of the body that produces the voice, this is a question of the common. This is sometimes evident in micro-communities of the physical, but more so in diffuse, cloudy inter-networks. There, voices are manifested not by sound, but by voices of relaying within that which the voice has reached. The intersections of these voices turn out to be ripples that, while each swarming in its own direction, fragmented in postings and statements, sometimes catch each other. The digital consonance then inhabits the space of a body, several bodies rubbing shoulder to shoulder.

-- https://radiostudent.si/kultura/r-a-d-a-r/radart-14-sonornost

(lost in translation: sonornost means sonority, while sonorost means co-insanity)

Live stream available via Kompot and Radio Študent:

"... despite its name, gender abolitionism is not a destructive project, but a creative one. It’s a call for a world in which there are lots of different ways of doing gender - so many, in fact, that it doesn't make sense to use gender as a means of categorizing people at all. It becomes far too complex to map character traits onto people in this way.

This idea kind of taps into an existing moment of proliferation in the Global North – a moment in which people are already slicing gender up into all these different subgenres. But on its own, this proliferation feels quite limited because it just gives us more and more specific ways of categorising people. So, xenofeminism sees this moment as potentially transitional – it wants both to channel it, and to refuse it as an endpoint. The emergence of multiple genders is really just a first step in refusing to accept any gender as a way of explaining social roles, justifying discrimination, and so on."

-- https://thequietus.com/articles/24298-xenofeminism-helen-hester-interview


( // start granulated noises ------------------------------- /
Pbindef(\granGlitcho, *[
    instrument: \granPlay,
    dur:        4,
    legato:     1,
    amp:        [0.5, 0.5],
    pitch:      [0.5, 1],
    autoPosN:   Pwhite(0.1,0.3),
    autoPosS:   Pwhite(0.1,0.3),
    outBus:     [~localfdlyBus,0],
    gpos:       [0.6,0.7,0.8,0.2],
    width:      1,
    bufnum:     Prand([~getSmp.("loop99"), ~getSmp.("loop97")],inf)

// take time.

// stop psycho background chord

( // start PARITY title, stop noises,click and bass ------------------- /
fork {

    // stop granulated noises

    // image off, stop noises and bass.

    ~sOsc.("drawImageBlenderToggle", 0);
    // title4 PARITY

    Pbindef(\granPlayPMARO, *[
        instrument: \granPlay,
        dur:        16,
        legato:     1,
        amp:        0.9,
        pitch:      1,
        autoPosN:   0.02,
        autoPosS:   0.01,
        outBus:     ~lpfFXBus1,
        gpos:       Pdup(2, Pseq([ 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.65, 0.2, 0.1 ],inf)),
        width:      0.4,
        bufnum:     ~getSmp.("saudade_CUT1")

    ~sOsc.("drawPlatesToggle", 0);

    // init VIDEO player
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoToggle", 0);
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoBank", 0 );
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoID", 0 );
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoPausePlay", 0 ); 
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoHue", 79 ); 
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoSaturation", 0 ); 
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoBrightness", 127 ); 
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoAlpha", 127 );
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoSpeed", 100);  
    ~sOsc.value("playVideoJump", 0);