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A glitchy online streamed telematic solo hybrid performance utilising prerecorded and real-time live audio-visual elements and text forming often frantic and chaotic mesh of data, images and noise. In some ways, it's a stream of consciousness, but through another perspective, it's again at least partially controlled artistic method and form. It's sourcing data and transfiguration from number of channels: as much as possible from todays media-oversaturation, especially trove of online videos, home-made software, sonic explorations and visual algorithms, hacks, glitchings, and number of thematic interests in the background: slavic-romani myth-futurisms, gender fluidity, imperialism, media theories, praxis and artistic critique of digital capitalism.

This is a telematic research on successes and failures of media/gender. How can a gender be seen, used, and/or realized as a medium for nomadic thought, and how are contemporary digital media gendered in their appearances and/or algorithmic backends? Gender has been seen mostly as embodied experience that usually wasn't decoupled from physical body, however digital media are here seen as a challenge to that asumption. Fluidity of gender is perceived as a failure, a glitch in the system, while embodied live expression (life?) via telematic performance still invites new and undiscovered perspectives.